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26 July 2013 - Colpitts joins OrphanReach Alliance

Corporate travel logistics specialists Colpitts World Travel has been named as a partner to the OrphanReach Alliance, set up to service the growing demand in delivering global drug trials within the pharmaceutical sector. 

OrphanReach is a strategic alliance that pools the vast experience, heritage, and capabilities of its member firms, which also includes global Contract Research Organisation QED Clinical Services and Europe’s leading provider of home-based healthcare and patient support, Healthcare at Home.

The Alliance has been formed to provide the pharmaceutical industry with a one stop solution in carrying out medical trials to treat rare and, what are known as, orphan medical conditions. OrphanReach enables biopharmaceutical clients to access and retain the optimum number of patients throughout a clinical trial programme wherever they are in the world.

As part of the alliance, Colpitts will manage patient travel arrangements for pharmaceutical companies participating in clinical trials. Handling global travel logistics for specialist medical trials is a key area of expertise for the company, which has supported clients engaged in research and testing of new products to alleviate a number of rare diseases and conditions throughout the world.