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The QED Model

QED is in the unique position of providing a specialist focus but with a full range of service capability around the world, enhanced flexibility and better local knowledge resulting from the ability to leverage many partner organisations to the same high and consistent standard in a fully integrated partner model.

For our sponsors this means the capability to work with specialists who can direct and manage other experts on the ground without paying for unnecessary infrastructure.  This is a common complaint of larger and more traditional CROs and an important key advantage of the QED model.

Not only is the QED model effective in delivery and efficient in design, it offers a better way to ensure the real application of local knowledge to every aspect of service delivery because local and regionally competent partners add insight and creativity to clinical challenges within a standardised and quality controlled framework of delivery excellence.  This is why more and more sponsors are joining with QED in partnership and exploring how this model can offer a better way to conduct global research, especially in phase II/III studies where the traditional cost of CRO infrastructure and access to patients has been challenging in changed economic circumstances.

QED’s performance measurement, customer satisfaction monitoring and feedback processes have highlighted three areas of strength based on this model; Firstly, the ability to deliver phase II/III projects and programs in a faster and more flexible way, whilst adding expertise and local strength that cannot be matched by centralised offices.  Secondly, a passion and culture aligned with innovative sponsors that means working processes and integration are rapidly aligned and synergies leveraged.  Thirdly, the focus and energy available from a specialist provider with worldwide access to patients and clinical expertise means that our sponsor’s project is always top of the agenda and holds a common passion