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QED has a resolute commitment to ensuring the highest of quality standards are met in any activity we undertake.

All QED’s activities are conducted in compliance with global Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) and where necessary region specific procedures as well. Additionally, we can work with our sponsor’s SOPs when requested. QED’s global SOPs and corporate quality policy ensure compliance in every aspect of our business:

In addition to these core areas, QED’s unrelenting focus on quality continues in the training provided to our teams. Our reputation for superior quality ensures that all project staff are appropriately trained in all aspects, clinical and administrative. In fact, all QED CRAs are required to complete general services training, regardless of their level of experience. The aim is to provide the highest quality training to all CRAs and other staff involved in the delivery of clinical trials. In accordance with QED SOPs, all QED CRAs are required to complete training in courses such as Good Clinical Practices, Good Documentation Practices, Clinical Trial Development and Clinical Trial Management. QED’s ultimate goal is to enhance our sponsor’s study deliverables with the provision of superior quality data and study management.